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Nina Ki is a same gender loving Korean American playwright, born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, and currently based out of New York City. She is a graduate of New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, and holds a BFA in Dramatic Writing. Nina's plays have been read and produced nationwide, including with The Classical Theater of Harlem, The Living Room Theater, the HBMG Foundation, Funhouse, InspiraTO, and Another Country Productions. Her work has been published in LGBT Comedic Monologues That Are Actually Funny, the In Full Color anthology, and YouthPLAYS.


FULL-length plays

A DEMON INSIDE a fantastical drama with a dab of Asian horror.

Rory, an elderly hoarder, lives alone, visited only by her daughter Julia. Then one day, she finds a locket in the dump that is haunted by a demon. The demon begins taking over Rory's mind and home, and Rory comes to believe it is the spirit of her other (deceased) daughter, Franny. The demon demands that Rory give it her soul - wracked with guilt, Rory acquiesces, until an encounter with Julia forces Rory to make a decision about whether to live in the present, or die with the ghosts of the past.


MOON BEAR a fantastical queering of a traditional Korean folktale.

Silver and Richie are siblings without parents. As the two grow up, they cling to one another as each other's family, and help one another navigate their positions as social outsiders - Silver as a genderqueer weirdo, and Richie as a drug dealing gangbanger. In a parallel world, Bear is ousted from his tribe and through a gesture of filial piety, is turned by Hwanung, a gay Korean god, into a human woman. S/he is then coerced into being Hwanung's pregnant beard, and has Hwanung's child. As family bonds begin to disintegrate, and the god-world begins to crumble, Silver and Bear must redefine home for themselves, to find power through the magic of stories.

RAVAGE a fantastical drama about vampires.

Yuli, a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan and self-ascribed teenage vampire hunter, moves from California to New York after what she believes was a run-in with a powerful vampire. The incident leaves her physically and emotionally scarred, and without her sister, who Yuli believes has been kidnapped. Closed off and alone, she slowly begins to open up to her therapist and a friend at school - as these relationships deepen, she is haunted by visions of her sister calling for her, begging Yuli to rescue her, and the vampire, who promises to find and come for her as well. Yuli begins to suspect her neighbor of being the same vampire who injured her and abducted her sister. When she breaks into his apartment to find her and confront him, she comes face to face instead with the fractured remnants of her past.

FISH IN THE SEA a (possibly) two-person drama about the Asian lesbian "scene."

Kai, a former lesbian "player," has just been broken up with by her longtime girlfriend. Finally free to do whatever she wants, Kai quickly re-immerses herself in the alcohol- and lust-fueled world of the West Hollywood lesbian scene, where she uses and is used by women, and has sex without the burden of intimacy. Though a series of casual hookups, Kai moves from enjoying these casual hookups to questioning her value as a person - and finally reaches rock bottom in the form of a moment of intimacy with the one person who has always loved and believed in her: her best friend, Jessie.


TAE-MONG (BIRTH DREAM) an inter-generational Korean American drama.

Jimmy, Jinho, and Yoon are three generations of Korean men who have emigrated to America.  In the present, Jimmy, a gangbanger and new father, dreams of making money through drug dealing to open up his own martial arts studio. In the past, Jinho, Jimmy's father, aspires to be a singer and guitarist. Yoon, Jinho's father, wants simply to be given the chance to learn. Enmeshed in a cycle of alcoholism and abuse, each struggles against their filial duties and responsibilities as joseons (oldest sons) and their own hopes and dreams for themselves. In the end, Jimmy must decide whether to continue the cycle, or forge ahead in his own version of the American dream.

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short plays

BROKEN ENGLISH a bilingual memory play (7 pgs).

Kyle, a gay Korean man, looks back on the past and his struggle to reconcile his version of the American dream with his mother's.

I LOVE YOU a terse drama (10 pgs).

Charles, a teenage boy, asks his father to tell him he loves him - but his father says men don't say "I love you" to each other.

DELPHINIDAE an anthropomorphic comedy (11 pgs).

Jimmy wanders through the forest, accidentally coming into a territory protected by a mutant dolphin of the One Spotted Flipper clan.

MAN AND BEAST a dramedy about immigration (12 pgs).

Amit confronts his boss, Trent, about his work position and visa - and learns that Trent has brought him over to America fraudulently.

PRIMARY COLORS an experimental Korean American drama (20 pgs).

Sick, a Koreatown gangbanger, Mina, a pastor's kid and artist, and Isobel, a Korean adoptee, explore what it means to them, to be queer Korean women. A cacophony of truth.

RANGER a drama about two brothers and a dog (12 pgs).

Luis and Tommy discover that their father has sold their dog Ranger to a man who lives up north. Younger brother Tommy reveals that he has money saved up, money that could buy their dog back. But Luis has other ideas: he wants to use the money to escape the small town that he's always hated. Can he say goodbye to everything he's ever known, including the brother who loves him?

GAWI an Asian horror-style experimental drama (12 pgs)

Yuri, a Korean American female, is haunted by a Gawi demon - and her experiences with whiteness - throughout her life.

**Access some of these scripts on New Play Exchange!





A queer Asian webseries that chronicles the lives of five fictional characters–Leslie, Rae, Shin, Baby, and Nic–within the queer sphere of the greater Los Angeles area.

Season 1

Season 2



A documentary exploring the lives and experiences of L/T/GQ Korean people living in California.




New York University, Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Dramatic Writing, 2008

University of Southern California, Master's of Arts in Teaching, 2011


Van Lier Fellowship (Finalist) - New Dramatists, 2016

RELENTLess award (special consideration) - american playwrighting foundation, 2018



(Semi-Finalist) – About Face Theatre's Out Front Series, 2018

(Semi-Finalist) – The Landing Theatre's New American Voices Playwrighting Contest, 2018

Reading – The Classical Theatre of Harlem, 2018 Reading – The Living Room Theater, 2017

Reading – Jason Fong's Workshop Series, 2016


(Finalist) – Fresh Fruit Festival's Developmental Play Reading Series, 2018

Reading – HBMG Foundation, 2018

Reading – Jason Fong's Workshop Series, 2015


Reading – Sadie's, 2016

(Finalist) – The Bechdel Group Reading Series, 2016



(finalist) - Queens Theatre’s Theatre for all short play readings, 2018

Production – InspiraTO Theatre's 10 Minute Play Festival, 2012

Production – Another Country Productions's SLAMBoston Uncensored, 2011

Production – Another Country Productions's SLAMBoston, 2010

Production – Koreans United for Equality, 2010

Production – Mixed Phoenix Theatre Group, 2008

Production – Available Demand, 2008


Production – InspiraTO Theatre's 10 Minute Play Festival, 2017

Production – Powerhouse Theatre's City Theatre of Independence Playwright's Festival, 2012

Reading – Equal Action's OUTspoken Sessions, 2011


Production – Funhouse III, 2018


production - something marvelous’s night of new works, 2018


Reading – The Living Room Theater's The Incubator Series, 2016


Reading – Koreans United for Equality, 2011


THE EXTRA MILE - LGBT Comedic Monologues That Are Actually Funny, 2016

SOME MEN JUST DON'T KNOW - In Full Color, 2016

RANGER - YouthPLAYS, 2012



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